Hello📸 Welcome to the Maxpresets Photography!
We are a small, full-service photography business, the Team of photographers and designers, based in Spain. We specialize in producing creative contemporary art, mostly majoring in wedding, corporate, family, moody atmospheric portraits photography. Our main goal is to create stand out images for our customers!
We believe that passion for the subject is an essential part for a successful career. Inspiration and emotions are the most important successories for capturing the perfect moment and making outstanding images.
A lot of questions we get are related to the editing and improving process in photography. We prefer to process photos in raw format in Adobe Lightroom for editing. This is also the best suitable software not only for professionals but for people who make their first steps in photography. We would like to make this process more comfortable and easy to use for those who doesn’t have any related background knowledge or experience. That’s why we created different preset packs that take your photos to the next level just in one-click! Presets are the easiest way to save time and achieve consistent results with less efforts. Just with one-click setup you can achieve exceptional results.
We are happy to share our carefully selected preset features for different photography styles. We love your feedback and are fully satisfied with your success.
Thank you for your support and confidence!
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