What are Lightroom Presets

Photo Editing with the Adobe Lightroom and Presets

Lightroom (Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC) is an Adobe graphics editor with many different photo settings. It is often used by bloggers and influencers for editing photos and creating a structured feed in Instagram. Bloggers especially love the ability to work with presets.

Presets are professionally designed, advanced filters or template styles with a range of preset settings. You are able to copy the specified parameters from it and apply them to the processing of your photo. The file can contain all the standard settings: white balance, brightness, shadows, exposure, and any other.

Presets help you to save time and simply use the ready-made settings for quick and easy photo editing.


How to use Presets

It is very simple to use presets! You can process your photos just in a few steps.


Step 1. Download the Lightroom app. You can use a free version and don’t need any paid subscriptions.


Step 2. Download your favorite presets. We always provide detailed video instructions on how to download and install presets.

Step 3. In the Lightroom app, click on the import files (+) button. Select the downloaded preset file. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner.Select Create Preset.

Step 4. Name the preset and add it to the correct collection (create a new collection if necessary).

Step 5. Add your photo in the Lightroom. When your photo opens, scroll to the editing panel and select the Presets ICON. Click on the small arrow. Choose your folder.You will see all loaded presets. Click on presets.

Step 6. If you need, you can make other little adjustments, add brightness, adjust the white balance or add sharpness.


Sometimes the preset doesn't fit nicely on the photo. In this case, try to play with the exposure (make it lighter/darker), experiment with a particular color — its hue, saturation, brightness.

It is important that the presets fit well on photos taken in daylight or studio light. So try to pay more attention to the lighting and other conditions, and then the photo editing process will be automated.