Photo Filter

Why Do You Need to Use Filters and What Are They Stand For?

One of the most popular social networks - Instagram has already won millions of hearts all around the world. Statistics shows that users look at their account at least twice a day, and most of them look at it up to 20 times per day. And, of course, everyone wants to be the center of attention. Today we will tell you about the methods of working with images.

Modern technologies allow you to enhance images and improve how they look. Why not take advantage of this opportunity? For this purpose, special presets have been designed. They adjust brightness and saturation, add style, and change colors. This is one of the secrets of Instagram’s stunning feeds!

Filters allow you to automatically change the image settings:

Exposure-makes the photo brighter and clearer.

Contrast-aligns the photo if there are uneven edges.

Cropping to fit the Instagram format - makes the photo square.

Sharpness-adds clarity to the image.

Saturation – if the image is faded with lack of rich colors.

You can also lighten the dark parts of the photo and darken the light spaces.

The popular apps for editing pictures are available for free download on Google Play and the AppStore.

Instagram and other social networks now are used as a sale and promotion platform. Your Instagram feed can tell a lot about your personality.

Interesting facts:

Scientists analyzed a wide range of different profiles. They focused on the posts’ and photos’ color. Could you imagine, that people in relationships post pictures of bright colors more often than users without a couple? Also, vibrant and vivid filters and images are used by extroverts and people who are prone to narcissism.

A scientific research also shows that people with depression are more likely to post pictures. They also have more portrait photography, but they use filters less often. In addition, images of people with depression are dominated by dark, blue and gray shades, as well as black and white photos.

Learn how to use right filters and create a stunning content!